Scaling and Spreading

M4D aims to promote and share with targeted stakeholders scalable models and better fit approaches. We intend to achieve this through

  • Involving people (government officials, service providers, entrepreneurs and communities) from within and outside M4D LGAs in learning events.
  • Designing and supporting specific campaigns and advocacy initiatives; and
  • Using media to share stories and build understanding around scalable and adaptable approaches to targeted stakeholders.

Throughout the programme, M4D will share what works with its key stakeholders. The goal is to scale and spread knowledge about M4D’s successes and lessons with important stakeholders such as state governments, the MDG Conditional Grant Scheme, ALGON and others.

M4D identifies and addresses elements that could both enable and constrain uptake of successful approaches. This requires ongoing research and the design of appropriate advocacy and campaign strategies to ensure that enablers are promoted and constraints minimised.

M4D also spreads and shares ideas through learning events and various media. These include media immersions and embedding, learning events, a range of digital and social media strategies, a focus on relevant local radio, print and electronic media and the use of advocacy and partnerships.

Our Values

  • Inclusive
  • Always learning
  • Collaborative
  • Accountable
  • Inspiring
  • Courageous
In my entire life, I have never been to an office where I rolled in my Wheel Chair into the office with ease……..2
Abdul Rahman Uba, disabled Corp Member with Jigawa Radio


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